streda 9. apríla 2014

My wishlist for April


My wishlist for April consist of Cruciani bracelets, but I would like to have in a red colour and a pattern of butterfly and second one in a black colour with pattern of hearts. Leather black bracelet with gold details must have too ! :-D Moreover I desire for this sandals in a nude colour long time . Last but not least this type of the bag that look like a pouch is so lovely:) What do you think about it?:)

2 komentáre:

  1. Thank you so much for your suggestion :) yes I'm in the process of getting some new spring skirts to replace my gray and black winter ones :)
    I like your wishlist for April! Are you getting any of them?

    1. What about your idea of spring colours ?:) I prefer blue one. Yes, I got skirt in a blue colour and in a very similar style. Also, I got a new bag almost like the picture:)